There is no plumbing required for our machines, you simply plug it into a regular mains socket, fill with water, and use the built in electric drainage pump afterwards. They are completely portable and lightweight and can be easily moved from room to room. They come complete with all pipes that you can attach to your sink/nearby water source.

We take all leading credit cards and paypal payments

If your order is placed before 12 noon we would normally expect deliver your machine the next day.

All of the machines come with 15 minute and 5 minute timers so you can choose how long you wish to wash your clothes for.

The wash load capacity is either 7.2kg, 6.5kg or 4.8kg depending on which size twin tub you choose. The spin load capacity is 3kg for the smaller 2 machines, and 3.5kg for the largest (7.2kg)

All of our twin tubs come with a full 12 month warranty. Should you have any issues with your machine, simply get in touch and we will arrange to fix/replace your twin tub if necessary.